Some frequent calls we get about our service we’d like to share.

In eight years in operation, since September 2012, we still seem to get a few common questions that still to this day we get when people phone us or reach out through our website.

How come your service costs so much?

Well, our service does not compete with Uber, Lyft or a traditional taxi service because those are curb to curb services. Our service, kind of like an Uber for Seniors or mobility challenged, is a true door thru door service.

We don’t leave people in front of the building, on the curb outside or even at the front entrance to their appointment; our service is supposed to always escort you into your appointment and if needed we always make sure your appointment knows who to call when your done. Easy, worry free and your caregiver, family member or attendant always is allowed to ride with you for no extra cost, excluding additional wheelchairs.

Can you get my mom transported to her nursing home from the hospital?

That’s our specialty, we have wheelchairs and stretchers that can transport your loved one almost anywhere in the state as long as they are in the greater Tarrant county hospitals or facilities. We go to alot of places, just to name a few this week, Kerrville, Austin, Lubbock, Wichita Falls and Houston. Long distance trips are just fine and we love to keep our passengers comfortable.

Thanks for reading.

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